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Ultimatecryptobitx is a flamboyant and ingenious way to earn money on the internet. With preeminent internet advertising features we are exceptionally skillful and can effortlessly usher visitors to your website.

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Our AdPacks



  • 110% Profit
  • Expiry 10 Days
  • Max 100



  • 115% Profit
  • Expiry 25 Days
  • Max 1000



  • 120% Profit
  • Expiry 40 Days
  • Max 3000



  • 130% Profit
  • Expiry 50 Days
  • Max 5000



  • 135% Profit
  • Expiry 60 Days
  • Max Unlimited

All Packages Include

  • 10% referral commission on all stages
  • 10% repurchase rule
  • Hourly Profit Distribution

Our Salient Features


Purchase ouradvertising packs, these packs will bring about an hourly profit which is then distributed among fellow members.

Login Ads

Advertisements that are displayed upon each login. One of the best wasy to advertise your business.

Startup Ads

This is the type of ad appear when user start surfing for the daily ads. Always first ad will be startup ad, called start pages.

Surfing Ads

Each day our members spend 5-10 minutes surfing between 10-15 websites depending on the advertising tier that they have subscribed to.


Best for advertising.

Cash Links

Cash links are actually PTC ads.

Facebook Likes

If you want to advertise your facebook pages or posts and want to have likes.

Traffic Exchange

One of the bbest way to bring traffic to your site,

Traffic Grids

Form of game which let your users create and manage advertisement campaigns to be viewed by other members through the surf system.

Generate Money

Once our members have surfed the mandatory number of websites, their ads packs are then enlisted into our network which starts originating money.


CPA/GPT offers with external Affiliate Networks.

In Built Matrix

With login ads, banners or Traffic Grids users will be part of in built Matrix.

ultcy ( Germany ) $154.7865Osahonf ( Nigeria ) $48.7001RichByClicking ( United States ) $37.7661tata ( Uganda ) $90.2233MoneyWithalberto ( Venezuela ) $31.9924